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Millions of children around the world are taking the abacus training today and here is why

About Abacus BrainGym

A simple answer for a long term goal for both parents and children to achieve the quality of life. It is certainly worth every second in your effort to achieve this goal as early as possible.People who can do enough math are financially smart who seem to be financially successful early in age and that affects their personal lives -- research shows these people have richer, happier life, make better decisions, and are more responsible citizens


Why Abacus

Millions of children around the world are taking the abacus training today and here is why

A proven track record through history and recent neuro-scientific research have positively confirmed the effectiveness of the abacus training. Calculating on an ancient abacus that utilizes a hands-on, kid- friendly and multiple-intelligence approach has proven benefits to enhance the development of human brain. The mental abacus method has a clear advantage to keep the mind vibrant and to ease the journey of learning with WHOLE BRAIN power.

Abacus instruction works because it is a unique combination of classic and contemporary methods, tools, and research. The goal of the program is to teach students how to mentally calculate while simultaneously enhancing and improving the brain.


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Studies have shown that reading and listening programs using advanced computer based technology stimulate brain cell development and enhance 19 brain functions, improving the basis point of one's IQ by 5% to 25%.

Speed Hearing
Speed hearing research was begun by the US Army around 1956. Applying speed hearing as a training course for executives was pioneered by the Japanese in the late 1970's.
Our minds can be trained by overhelming the receptors. Neurologically this is called "use dependent plasticity". The most common experience of this concept for most people is highway driving. After driving at highway speeds for 60- 90 minutes we will find that it is difficult to drive at city speeds. It is because once our brain get used to have information coming at a fast pace, it is actually hard to slow down! ABG applies the same principle by grooming students to listen and comprehend rapid voice interactions.

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