Panel & Joinery Profiles

Panel & Joinery Profiles

Silverado Custom Door & Window has created their own special raised panel profiles. However, we have the capabilities to make any custom knife sets to create a custom profile just for you.

What We Do

We work with homeowners, interior designers, builders and architects to produce 'client specific' custom wood doors and windows—taking design visions and making them a reality.

In brainstorming custom products with Silverado Custom Door & Window, almost anything can serve as a starting point. Many customers begin the process by bringing in sketches on cocktail napkins, pictures of their dream home torn out of a magazine, or even just the dimensions of the space they’d like to fill. From entryways to shutters, traditional to contemporary styles, and distressed to refined finishes – the possibilities are endless.

We’ve created custom wood doors and windows for churches, resorts and residential properties. Working from archive materials or architects’ drawings, Silverado Custom Door & Window also specializes in historic door and window replications, as well as hand carved doors. We partner with historical societies to replicate doors that could no longer stand the test of time. We also collaborate with designers to replicate architectural styles including Italian/Tuscan, Spanish, Baroque, Mediterranean, Moorish, French and Celtic. Our experience gives us comprehensive knowledge of numerous manufacturing and finishing techniques to to achieve the desired end.

'Infinite possibilities meticulously brought to life with a distinct statement of your individual style' - Rick Parrilla